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June 17-20, 2019 in Savannah Ga. is our next Institute..................Register early to ensure a seat!!

$afepro Mine Safety & Health Law Institute

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or call 1-828-385-2930 to register.

This is always a popular Institute and is scheduled at an excellent time to not interfere with production. Registration will be closed at the first 25enrollees.

$afepro Mine Safety & Health Law Institute

June 17-20, 2019 in Savannah, Ga

25 Seats Open

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Call 828-385-2930 to register

This course will cover all of the Federal mine safety laws and emphasize the training requirements of the ACT. Successful completion of the course will result in MSHA Part 46 instructor competence. This combination will allow your Managers, Supervisors and Safety Officers to meet the inspectors on equal terms and reduce both citations and accidents. the $afepro Mine Safety and Health Law Manual Vol. IX will be furnished to all students. Become aware of MSHA's recent activities and understand what you can do when MSHA comes knocking on your door.This is always a popular Institute and gives you the tools to best handle MSHA inspections. Registration will be closed at the first 25 enrollees.

Industry-active certified instructors and I will teach the Institute courses.

Yours for $afe Production,Dean Beam


Goals of on site $afepro seminar

The Safepro seminar will give you the information and knowledge to not only comply with MSHA law but to combat citations with which you do not agree. The three-day seminar covers the 1977 Mine Health and Safety Act as amended by the 2006 Miner’s Act and 30 CFR standards. We will go into detail about company’s responsibilities under the law. Operator entitlements and inspector’s responsibilities pertaining to the law. We will review what constitutes a S&S citation and 104d1 citation. You will be given a law manual which includes the two parts of the law and MSHA program policies. We will review a number of actual citations that have been issued over the years and how to defend against bad paper using the law manual. The seminar will cover part 46 training requirements and part 50 reporting requirements. By the end of the seminar you will be able to understand the two parts of the law that govern the mining industry and use the law manual to prevail against unnecessary enforcement. Seminars are offer at your site to make scheduling more convenient while training all your key people. If you have interest in on site seminar you can call Dean at 828-385-2930.


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This class will be held at the Harrad's Casino in Cherokee NC October 2018

Only 10 seats open


The number to call for immediately reportable accidents is "1-800-746-1553"! Operators who have called their field and District offices instead have been threatened with citations for alleged "failure to report within 15 minutes"!

Formal Contestment Help Page

Freedom of Information Act and Inspector's Notes Help Page (You will need to use this to get "the inspector's notes"!)

Another MSHA Unreasonable attempt of enforcement

( Great Read )

Anticle by Jim Sharpe

MSHA’s Part 46 Machinations Breed Distrust


"Relevant and Necessary" Records.

The following lists show the types of inspection & investigation activities that are used by MSHA in the operators' inspection day counts.

Click for Inspec. & Invest. Lists


Living with Rules to Live By III in MNM

Court Rules that Mine Scales are not roadway!

M/N Gen. Inspect. Handbook-Chap. 7 Inspection Notes

Thanks to Jim Sharpe, Sharpe's Media!


In a sworn deposition in a court case recently, a former MSHA inspector explained why he was no longer with the Agency. “I don’t care for the way MSHA was going about how they do things, and I was informed by [MSHA supervisor] that my citation count was too low, and if I didn’t get them up, he heard a rumor I would be fired, so I gave him two weeks’ notice.”


Judge Invalidates Flagrant Violation Rule!



Another ALJ Scales Ruling

Sharpe's Point - MSHA Weigh Scale Position Analysis

Court of Appeals Rules Section 103(k) Orders Can Be Challenged


All Electrical Hazards Fatal?

Must Have Mining Tool!


Synopsis of May 6 ALJ Guard Ruling

Important ALJ Ruling on "Guarding" and "Timely Notice"!

Sharpe's Point Article on Preshift Ruling


S&S Ambush Alert!

Nebraska Forum Questions MSHA enforcement

Rep. Rehberg Looks In to Attack on Montana's M/N Mining Industry by MSHA

Sen. Thune (SD) Calls for IG Investigation of MSHA Enforcement

Judge Scolds MSHA Over Part 46 Orders

M/N Health Survey Alert

M/N Operators will be cited if they are not conducting "adequate" Health surveys for exposure to dust, gas, mists, and fumes under 56.5002! MSHA's M/N administrator has issued a Procedure Instruction Letter telling the inspectors what to look for and cite. Click here to see the recent Health Survey PIL. Adequate Health survey procedures and compliance will be highlighted at the October 2011 Institute.

Commission Sets Rule to Speed Mine Penalty Appeals.



A Tool That Stops both Injuries and Valid Citations!

 MSHA Unwarrantable Failure Criteria Under Spotlight (104(d)!

LAW & Enforcement Policy on Rollers

      Recommended Policy for Operator's Brake Testing


       11 Circuit of Appeals Full Ruling - NMA vs MSHA - MSHA Cannot Make It UP!

The 16 Principles of $afe Production


Lafarge Cement receives $150,000.00 + housekeeping fines for one inspection! Click for info! 56.20003(a) is the "housekeeping standard".

Click here for "FORMAL CONTESTMENT" procedure.

Do Not Confuse this with "Informal Conferencing"!


MSHA field offices across the country are conducting Part 50 Audits. It appears that these Audits have little to do with the safety of Miners; but, are being conducted to generate citations.  Click for Guidance

Caution: if you have a Formal Contestment submitted


Avoiding Paperwork Citations

 Many surface mines are now successfully complying with mandatory safety standards and MSHA inspectors have to search harder for valid hazards to justify issuing citations! As savvy Operators continue to add to their understanding and ability to spot phony or flawed inspector's evaluations, it becomes difficult for the inspectors to issue a citation involving actual Safety for the Miner or Quarryman.

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Business in 2018 will be extremely difficult without LAW-trained Production and Safety people on site! 

There are open dates  for Company Seminars. To schedule Seminars call 828-385-2930.

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Procedures for Evaluating Flagrant Violations




The 16 Principles of $afe Production

Click here for FORMAL CONTESTMENT procedure.



Safe workplaces and good incomes are
"ALL-HANDS" responsibilities!

Stars: Tilcon NY   Orica Explosives

Everyone contributes to a $afe workplace! (Click here for QC solutions)

AED "Good Samaritan" Links

For additional information on any of the above activities and products, contact $afepro by:

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$afepro also hosts seminars for individual companies at sites of their choice.

Please call or write for specifics.


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