Don't let your business success depend on Luck!

The maximum fine under Regular Assessment is now $70,000.00 per citation and a "flagrant citation" having a maximum fine of $242,000.00 regardless of the business size mean that inspections and their associated costs can no longer be considered "the cost of doing business"! There is no greater return-on-investment than our employees knowing their and the Company's legal and Constitutional rights when dealing with MSHA.

In 2014 inspectors are being urged to write more "heightened enforcement paper". Their job security is strengthened whenever they issue citations which must be taken to court. For the last almost 6 years the agency has been leaving little option for the Production Operator other than legal action!

The best chance for Firms is keeping a hazard-free workplace and on-site people who know how legal requirements (the Law and their Rights) affect their jobs. (The Act Sec. 2 (e) makes the Production Operator entirely responsible for the safety of its employees.)

It is crucial that people have the tools and information to provide the "return-on-investment" from the Compliance side of their job that their experience, tools and "job-savvy" have returned to the Company from the Product they make and sell daily.

The Eleventh Principle of $afe Production states "person cannot be held responsible for the bad results of a task assigned to him if he has not been trained in the correct procedures for performing the work."

Until an employee is told: 1- What he is to do, 2-Why he is to do it, 3-How he is to do it, and 4-What the consequences are for not doing it or short-cutting this procedure; the Miner cannot be held responsible for the outcome of the task! Click here to register for the Oct. 20-24, 2014 Law Institute.

If you must miss the Oct. 2014 MS&H Institute there is still an alternative. Call 828-766-6611 and book a Fall/Winter 3-5 day Law Seminar. We come to you and can handle up to 25 students per seminar! You can train Managers, Supervisors, Staff, and Key Hourly Miners and Quarrymen in the Law and your Policies that they need to know to assure the site's compliance with the Law! The money that stays in the bank becomes operating capital instead of unnecessary overhead!