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South Dakota AGC Law Seminar

(l-r Front Row) Kelly Shafer, Fisher Inds., Bob Bok, Bok Construction Co., Dave Buri, Dakota Granite, David Ziegmann, Hills Materials, Dick Waldera, Spencer Quarries (l-r 2nd  Row) Anne Robbins, SD AGC, Butch Roberts, Evans Const. Co., John Morris, Morris Inc., Harold Faatz, Cliff Drury, Hills Mtls., Jason Weatherton, Weatherton Cont. Co. (l-r 3rd Row) Schuyler Delcamp, ICM, Shawn Klemann, Morris, Inc., Jerry Simunek, Hills Mtls., Melisa Lukins, Myrl & Roy's Paving, Anna McLaughlin, Weatherton Cont. Co., Mark Tuttle, Spencer's Quarries (absent at time of picture) Jake Smith, Hills Mtls., Dan Kuper, LG Everist Co.

        This two weeks in South Dakota with the SD Association of General Contractors has been the most exciting time that $afepro, inc. has spent in the past two years. One week was spent with Managers and Supervisors and one week providing the Law to hourly quarrymen.

It has been an inspiration to watch the people of these small businesses come together to learn and put into practice the Law-compliance-based $afe Production process. Their agendas and confidence in their companies’ futures will make additional profits for their firms and better jobs for their smart and hard-working Midwestern employees.

Thanks to an invitation from Bob Bak, I attended a “Wild Game Dinner” enjoying goose, elk, boar and rabbit. They raffled handcrafted Longbows and Flint knives. The $500.00+ they raised was given to the Rapid City District Red Cross to aid the Tsunami victims. These Red, White and Blue Americans work hard, enjoy their families, worship together and positively contribute to their communities’ economic futures. Their faith in themselves and their neighbors was a welcome change from the dog-eat-dog competition which I had come to expect from American business.

It was an inspirational time and strengthened my faith in the future of our Industry and Nation.

         Thank you SD AGC for bringing Ms. Blue and me into your mining family, we are better because of it.

"Everybody likes to be part of something good!"

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South Dakota Assoc.of General Contractors selects its "Most Promising $afe Production Officer".

Schuyler Delcamp, Safety/QC Superintendent, Intermountain Construction. & Materials, Gillette, WY, was the pick of their Feb. 21-25 $afepro, inc. MS&H Law Seminar held in Rapid City, SD. Mr. Delcamp's firm serves Northeastern Wyoming and is part of the Oldcastle Group. His experience and expertise in the Industry added significantly to the value of this class.


An underground office in Carthage, MO and the Seminar was held in an underground classroom for Carthage Crushed Limestone.

Dave Ingram applied $afe Production to his responsibilities with good results. Citations went down.

"Big Pete", Loader operator for an Oldcastle company made equipment operation more productive. He also keeps an EBAY site and sells collectibles.

Ciaran Brennan, President of Callanan Industries, Albany, NY completed the Seminar and uses it to "tune up" Managers, Supervisors, and Key Quarrymen. He always visits at each new or refresher Seminar.

The giant dragline at PCS Phosphate, NC is representative of the huge $afe Production culture practiced by this firm. Howell Miller, Safety Manager and employees like Tommy Mason and Frank Sawyer made this operation NC Dept of Labor's first Carolina Mining Star Star recipient.

Mike Halbert is a site manager in Texas for Hanson Aggregates. He has attended 3 company sponsored Seminars and each time has found a new way to increase net profit.

Hanson Aggregates has surface and underground sites in Pennsylvania. Regional President, Dennis Dolan has held Seminars for his Managers, Supervisors and key people annually.

Hanson Permanente Cement, San Jose, CA area has conducted at least two Seminars annually for the last 5 years.  They train from management through hourly personnel and experienced only two reportable accidents from January through July 2004. Not bad for a company working 251,741 man-hours during this period.

Tilcon NY saw a good business reason for having the Safety Department's Admin Assistants receive Seminar Law Training. These Ladies are often the first contact for questions from the quarries. With Law Manuals on their desks and knowledge of the Mandate in their heads guidance is given immediately. This company has excellent overall performance.


Hanson Arizona Winter Law Seminar


Wayne West was voted by the class as their "Most Promising $afe Production Officer"

Wayne relocated to Arizona from California where he was a successful Plant Manager. His move was prompted by his desire to spend more time with his family and to complete his degree in Business Management. He will have it within a year.


John Doerfler is Arizona's Equipment Manager and has

seen that the mobile equipment is in top production state and replaced as necessary. He has procured over 30 pieces of equipment this year. He was shown much respect by the class.  

Shaun White (L) and Ron Carruthers (R) are from the Wickenburg S&G site.

Ron is Plant Manager and on 12/12 completed a "0" Citation Inspection. Wickenburg was congratulated on its excellent housekeeping by the Inspector. Ron understands well the relationship between a safe workplace and maximum net profit.

Shaun came to Arizona from New Hampshire where he spent several years with an Oldcastle firm. He is a well-experienced quarryman and an "up-and-comer" with Hanson. Look for good contribution from this man. He took handily to the Law and the $afe Production process.

Glen Davis, Hanson AZ's Safety Officer, gave a splendid briefing to the class on The 16 Principles of $afe Production. Glen came to Arizona from Ohio where he was part of Hanson's top-notch Mid-east Region Safety Team.

(R-L) Bob Fink is the Equipment Shop Manager and is well supported by Tim Henry , Dae Bradley, and Ted Sweet. This group of heavy equipment maintenance experts provide service for both the Ready-mix  and Mining equipment. They understood the good business reason for knowing the LAW and the Agencies' enforcement policies. Their maintenance and repairs can be made so that the equipment produces at high efficiency and is in compliance with the requirements of the LAW. This results in safe work environments and "0" citations.

"Team Two" analyses a Nov. 9, 2004 inspection done in South Dakota by an MSHA Rocky Mt. District inspector. They found the entire inspection questionable and the 6 citations issued to be riddled with errors when evaluated by the mandated requirements of Sec. 104(a) of The ACT. They recommended formal contestment of each of the six as they were non-particular and fraught with "reasonable" errors.

Lynn Elms is temporarily serving as "Late-shift Foreman" for his S&G site. Lynn has attended the Law Seminar before and was back to update his knowledge. He is a career Quarryman and a valued resource for any location seeking information on how to make top-profit through compliance. His areas of responsibility are consistently safe and profitable.

Todd Hall, Plant Manager, attended his first Law Training after promotion to his present position. He returned for a refresher on the $afe Production techniques and and updating of his Law knowledge. Both have served to making him a success in managing a site.

Hanson Carlsbad, CA Seminar

Jessy Parker has been with Hanson less than 4 months and is a Navy Veteran. In addition to his maintenance job, he is pursuing an engineering degree.

Keith, Pat and John, nearly a hundred years of experience among them, expert Quarrymen and consistent profit producers. Keith is a Vietnam I Corps Marine Veteran.


Shawn Forney is a welder and fabricator at the Irwindale site. He holds a Bachelor's degree in Business and brought his wife and two children with him to Carlsbad.


$afepro, inc conducts Law Seminars for individual companies at locations of their choice. Emphasis on company policy, good business procedures, corporate philosophy and the Mine Act allow for firm-specific training. In all instance there is a measurable decrease in both citations and accidents. The cost in managing accidents also significantly lessens. This results in better production and a profit increase annually.

The 3-5 day course covers The Mine Safety and Health Act of 1977 in depth, proven $afe Production leadership techniques, Sec. 115 training requirements (Part 46 and 48 as appropriate) and proven training procedures, successful citation contestment, how to convert the safety effort from an overhead factor into a profit center, and The 16 Principles of $afe Production.

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