Sen. Mike Johanns (R) Nebraska held an Industry/ MSHA Forum on 5/10 bringing together Neal Merrifield, MSHA M/N Administrator, Richard Laufenberg, District Manager Rocky Mountain District, and Nebraska Mining Producers. The Forum was scheduled by the Senator to air Nebraska Industry reports of unconstitutional and frivolous enforcement by MSHA on Nebraska Firms. S. Dakota Industry (AGCSD) also participated to show that the enforcement abuse crossed all state lines..

Neal Merrifield spoke for MSHA. It was reported that the remarks were along the  MSHA “party line” and did not directly address enforcement abuses by the agency. D. Manager Laufenberg made no comments. There are no recordings of the Forum as MSHA allegedly requested that no audio or video recordings be made and no media were to be present.

$afepro evaluates MSHA’s participation as more “whitewash” to cover the real problem of MSHA inspectors’ issuing citations based on fictional or implausible scenarios they fabricate!

It is time to pressure your Senators and Representatives to join in the investigation of MSHA’s ludicrous Surface enforcement that has nothing to do with safety of people! Its purpose is to protect and grow the bureaucratic agency!

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