1.     Net profits are people driven.

2.     Management has the responsibility to establish and enforce policies.

3.     People have the right and responsibility to manage their jobs within the policies.

4.     The person exposed to a hazard is the expert as to whether or not he proceeds with the task.

5.     If one manages his job, he takes accountability for its outcome.

6.     If the possibility of personal injury exists, the job will not be done until made safe.

7.     No person may be put into a position of choosing between following an unsafe order or safely earning a living for his family.

8.     No one has the right to have an accident.

9.     Each person improves his own future by his contributions to increased net profits.

10. Training is maintenance for the people.

11. A person cannot be held responsible for the bad results of a task assigned to him if he has not been trained in the correct procedures for performing the work.

12. The primary responsibility of each person is his personal safety and he has no right to compromise it.

13. When a person is injured or killed, the entire industry is diminished.

14. Government Agencies are not the Law. 300+ million Americans are the Law.

15. Breaking the Law is not an option.

16. $afe Production is doing the right thing because it is the right thing to do.