"Mining Excellence Hall of Fame"

Most Promising $afe Production Officer January 2009 MS&H LAW Institute

Travis Wellman

      Mr. Wellman, an engineer with a degree from Penn State, is the first senior executive chosen as "Most Promising Safe Production Officer" by his Institute Peers! This MPSPO is CEMEX USA's Operations VP for Central and North Florida.

       Travis came to the class with deep experience in the Aggregates Industry and service on committees within National Stone and Sand and Gravel Association. His shared know-how and agenda plans offered practical solutions to the Class's compliance and Teamwork problems. This Executive's deep understanding of compliance-based, profit-making $afe Production principles led his class to overwhelmingly select him as Most Promising $afe Production Officer in the January 2009 Institute.

       A Florida Cemex Manager who has worked with Travis for over 7 years describes him as "grounded in Safety and an excellent businessman who understands all aspects of the business" He credited this Production VP's leadership with producing profit even in the difficult market of the past 18 months.

       Travis is married and lives with his wife, Agnes and two young sons in Clermont, Florida. His business headquarters is in Brooksville, Florida.

$afepro and The Industry congratulate Cemex and Travis for his brave and principled leadership and upon being chosen by his peers as the "Best Among Them"!



Most Promising $afe Production Officer May 2007 MS&H LAW Institute



Davy Thompson

Rogers Group


         Mr. Thompson is Roger Group's Safety and Health Manager. He quickly gained the attention and respect of his professional classmates. It was apparent that he came to Savannah with questions relative to strengthening Rogers' already exceptional Quarry Safety Process. He took copious notes and his questions and comments sparked affirmative problem-solving debate. His curiosity and willingness to explore new challenges led his peers to select him as MPSPO and put him at the conn of the Georgia Queen during our Paddle-wheeler Savannah River Dinner Cruise. Captain Jim praised his ability at the helm saying that if his efforts with Rogers' Safety process were as good as his seamanship it would be a "4.0" success! Davy also had three dolphins accompanying the ship during his tenure as "Honorary Captain"!

     $afepro, inc. and the Industry congratulate Davy Thompson and The Rogers Group upon his being chosen as MPSPO by this class of strong, experienced leaders.



Most Promising $afe Production Officer

St. Cloud, MN Knife River Corp.

LAW Seminar

Gary Farnese, Safety Director

Knife River Corp., Southern Idaho Division


       Mr. Farnese was selected by his peers  as the  "Most Valuable $afe Production Officer" in the St. Cloud Seminar. Gary is a Marine Veteran and a Mining Industry Veteran. He came to Idaho from the Industry in S. California. Though he is new to Safety leadership, his strong experience in Quarrying and mobile equipment bring authenticity to the $afe Production mission he is responsible for. His enthusiasm, Esprit D' Corps, and commitment to excellence in "the total job" made him an early stand-out to the experienced and excellent leaders in his class.


$afepro, inc. and the Industry congratulate Gary Farnese and Knife River Corp., Southern Idaho Division upon his being chosen as MPSPO by this class of strong, experienced leaders.



Most Promising $afe Production Officer

Bismarck, ND Knife River Corp.


Ken Hansen, Safety Manager

Rogue Aggregates, Central Point, Oregon


       Mr. Hansen's note-taking was non-stop throughout the first week of Knife River's first week of Law Seminars for their member Companies. His questions and recommendations bespoke good experience and careful analysis in removing hazards in the quarrying environment. Ken's leadership style has the important elements of earned respect and humility.

     $afepro, inc. and the Industry congratulate Ken Hansen, Rogue Aggregates and Knife River upon his being chosen as MPSPO by this class of strong, experienced leaders.




Professional $afe Production performance continues to outshine shoddy enforcement!

  Email received on 8/18/06 from Dirk Field, Plant Manager of Hanson Holly Springs, NC Q&P.

"Hello Frank, Hadn't spoken with you in awhile so I thought I would send a quick E-mail, We are very busy at little Holly Springs Quarry , We just finished up a 2 day MSHA Inspection and received zero citations !!!!!! My hats off to my employees who have been making great strides in safe production. I will give you a call one of these days to chat , say hello to Ms. Blue , Take care ,Dirk"

    Dirk, congratulations to you and your professional Holly Springs Quarrymen! Ms. Blue and I speak of you and your crew often. Your daily $afe Production job performance provides profit for your Company, good paychecks for your families and a fine example to our Industry. Please extend $afepro's compliments and best regards to your Quarrymen and to your wife, Sandra.

     Mr. Field attended his first $afepro MS&H Institute as a Leadman and returned for the October 2005 Institute to refresh his Law knowledge as Plant Manager. His $afe Production management skills have guided his site to "0 Hazards and 0 Injuries"!



Weatherton Contracting's Law Knowledge Successful Again!

"Hi Frank,

I just wanted to drop a quick line and let you know that from August 9, 2006 to Sept. 7, 2006 three of our plants have been inspected and all resulted in "0" citations. Thanks you for the knowledge I was able to obtain by attending your institute and other various seminars. I would like to encourage other company's to take advantage of your Law Institute.
Anna McLaughlin
Safety Director
Weatherton Contracting Co. Inc."

Thank you, Annie, Carl, Jason, Leah and all of your employees for the "good-business" example you provide.

Weatherton's is setting benchmarks in Mining Safety for our Industry across the country!

$afepro congratulates you on your excellent inspection record!!!


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Most Promising $afe Production Officer

Gina Facca

Ms. Facca was selected by her peers and fellow-interns as the October 2006 MS&H Institute's "Most Valuable $afe Production Officer". She is the Environmental and Safety Manager for Hanson Permanente Cement in Cupertino, CA. She very quickly factored the ACT into her experience and concluded that Permanente Cement's knowing the Law would result in better inspections and higher profits through injury elimination. MSHA will have to meet the same standard in its enforcement or handle the burden of "formal contestment" for each wrongly or unevenly issued citation.

Gina completed the Institute on Friday and flew to New York to reunite with her son who was just returning from Afghanistan after his combat tour in the war against terrorism. We are all happy for her and thank her and her Staff Sergeant for their family's sacrifice for our nation's well-being!


   $afepro, inc. and the Industry congratulate Ms. Gina Facca and Hanson Permanente Cement upon her being chosen as this class's MPSPO and for her site's fine example to our trade.



Well-deserved Honor

     Allan Greene, WNC Representative Mine & Quarry Bureau, was selected as the NC Department of Labor "Employee of the Year" on 10/26/2006.



      The LAW is the LAW!

Weatherton Contracting, Inc.

Scores a Major Victory!

-------Original Message-------

From: Annie McLaughlin

Date: 12/20/05 16:49:22

To: fadkins@safeproinc.com

Subject: Vacated Citations

Dear Frank,

As you know in September 2004 Weatherton Contracting Co., Inc. was inspected and issued nine citations. At the time of the inspection we had a cold feed, an conveyor and a couple of pieces of equipment at the site as we were only blending stockpiles.  of course I contacted the district office right away as in my opinion this was not a mine site and therefore MSHA had no jurisdiction to inspect. After meeting with the district supervisor, he chose to uphold the citations stating the site was indeed under their jurisdiction. Not pleased with the outcome WCCI choose to contest the citations further. Twice I was contacted by Mr. F****** stating he had not found an adequate answer to the issues raised.

After over a year of standing our ground, I received a letter last week stating that I had raised a very good jurisdictional question and MSHA was willing to vacate all nine citations of which five were issued S & S. I would personally like to thank the $afepro MS&H Law Institute for the knowledge gained which enables me to successfully avoid any further unfair treatment. 


Anna McLaughlin, Safety Director

Weatherton Contracting Co., Inc.  


$afepro congratulates and thanks Ms. McLaughlin and Weatherton, Inc. for their good business practices and professionalism. Once a Company knows and practices the Law regulating our Industry then they can hold MSHA and its inspectors to the high standard to which they hold themselves. Then they are not dependent on "breaks" from the inspectors. Compliance with the Law of the Land is the responsibility of both the Operator and the Agency. Weatherton's professionalism in how it does business has assured that compliance.

Weatherton Contracting Co., Inc. is important to the economy of the State of  South Dakota, our Industry and the fine standard of living enjoyed by the citizens of the United States. Their insistence upon "fair and equitable enforcement" under The ACT has inspired the entire Industry. The safety of our miners and the economic stability of our Companies are furthered by their actions.





Just Received 6/18/06

"Hi Frank and Miss Blue,

            I thought you may be interested that we just finished our 2nd MSHA inspection of 2006. Sisquoc Sand and Gravel just received its first "0" citation inspection for Hanson Aggregates. I sent Stacey Dozier and Alex Hallman to your 3 day class in San Diego.

            Jeff Fenske, the plant foreman, just finished the May Institute in Savannah. I thank you for your wealth of knowledge in this area and your sharing of it.

Thank you,


Dave Mair


Plant Manager

Hanson Aggregates



First "0 Citation Inspection" for Hanson Pacific SW's Sisquoc Sand & Gravel


     This Santa Maria, California Aggregates crew decided that the problem with setting their goal too low was they might reach it. They wanted to be first class!

    They made good product and had only 12 minor citations for the last three years and no injuries in the past five. The job was running well but these "tickets" were keeping them from being recognized as professionals in their trade.

      Emphasis on a safe workplace had done away with injuries. Skilled quarrying had produced a strong, profitable position in their marketplace. Their decision to address the "Compliance Component" in their $afe Production formula allowed the site to take its place with "the best and most professional" operations in the Industry. The total job was being done well shift-to-shift and day-to-day!

   With committed support from their Regional Production and Safety Officers, the Sisquoc Managers, Supervisors and Quarry People made their individual jobs and workplaces safe before production began.

    Sisquoc now exceeds the minimum requirements of the LAW and its commitment to $afe Production excellence makes it more competitive in its market and more profitable to its Company!


Dave Mair, Plant Manager, is a graduate of the May 2005 $afepro MS&H Institute.

Jeffery Fenske, Plant Foreman, graduated from the May 2006 $afepro MS&H Institute.
   $afepro and the Industry are proud to extend "Well Done" to Sisquoc Sand and Gravel and Hanson Aggregates for their professional and positive leadership during this tragic year in U.S. Mining history.


Principle Matters and Pennsy Supply Proves it!

When $afepro, inc. first published the Industry-generated document The 16 Principles of $afe Production years ago, it was to make a statement relative to the proven standards of business conduct underlying the success of Mining Firms across the United States. One of the companies contributing to the statement of core principles was Pennsy Supply, Harrisburg, PA. Principle is defined as a standard of moral and ethical decision-making.

When discussing the matter with Pennsy's Production / Safety Officers, Supervisors and Quarrymen it was evident that the success and respect they enjoyed in their business community came from their reputation as a professional supplier. They produced a quality product and they backed it. Their word was as solid as the rock they sold!

On January 11, 2005 their Tarburton Pit and Plant received two MSHA S&S citations for alleged "unsafe access". They disagreed with the inspector's evaluation of the supposedly hazardous conditions. What some firms considered a nuisance they saw as a potential tarnishing of their reputation as a trustworthy Firm.

Pennsy Supply was confident that their normal operating procedures met two important $afe Production principles: 15. Breaking the Law is not an option and 16. $afe Production is doing the right thing because it is the right thing to do.

They formally contested the citations and on 28 July, 2006 The Administrative Law Judge "ORDERED that Citation Nos. 6020987 and 6020988 are VACATED, and this case is DISMISSED"!

$afepro and the Industry thank Pennsy Supply for taking a courageous stand and demonstrating moral leadership by insisting on and exercising their rights under the Constitution and The Act. They have shown the Industry that the burden of proving guilt is the responsibility of MSHA and that the word of reliable mining people is steadfast.





They just added # 9!!!!!


Rinker GA Sand Plant completes

8th "0 Citation" inspection!!

This photo is of The Rinker Union Sand Plant employees and three management personnel. A dinner was held at Pelican Point Restaurant in Jesup, GA. to honor the employees for accomplishing eight straight MSHA inspections without a citation. The gentleman in the lower right corner of photo is Bill Brown, Plant Manager of the Facility. He is very proud of his employees and gives all the credit to them.

$afepro and the Industry are in awe of Bill Brown and his employees at Jesup for their accomplishment. It should be obvious to all that "0 Citation" inspections are not only possible but probable when a site habitually makes a safe workplace part of the production process.

From a business standpoint each ton of sand is sold for a higher profit because the costs of injuries, fines, and abatements do not have to be factored into the price of the product. 


The Baton Passes at NSSGA!

  Peter Ward (right), Corp. Safety Officer for Hanson North America , assumes the NSSGA's prestigious Safety & Health Committee Chair. He is shown accepting the honor from Ed Elliott, Corp Safety Officer, Rogers Group and NSSGA "2005 Safety Officer of the Year". Mr. Elliott held the Chair in 2004-05 and deftly guided the S&H Committee through a difficult period.

Peter was Safety Officer during the decade of Hanson's growth from small aggregates operations on the east coast of the US to being the world's largest road construction materials firm. His innovations and $afe Production management principles set benchmarks for mining firms across the country. Peter was presented the "Jim Christy Award" as "Safety Officer of the Year" during this period.

$afepro thanks Peter for his continuing leadership in Mining Safety!





December 2005 Institute

Most Promising $afe Production Officer


  Ronnie Cook, Plant Manager

             Hanson Athens Quarry

                   Athens, Georgia


   This Plant Manager is shown thanking his peers for being selected as their outstanding $afe Production Officer. He brought 25+ years of experience to this Institute.


   Mr. Ronnie Cook was a "quick study" as the Law and the National Enforcement Policies unfolded. It became clear to him that the inspectors had no more legal authority to make up the Law and enforcement policies than he did. His plan is to use his people to make their workplace safer and compliant with The ACT, "just do the right thing because it is the right thing to do!". Once this is done MSHA will have to meet the same standard in enforcement or have to handle the burden of "formal contestment" for each wrongly or unevenly issued citation.


   $afepro, inc. and the Industry congratulate Mr. Cook upon being chosen as his class's MPSPO and for his site's fine example for our trade.



Click for Exceptional Advice for Production and Safety officers from Gary Mitchell, Rogers Group!


Every site I visit has pets with which the miners share their dinner buckets. Here is the picture of Hanson SW Region Arena Quarry's pet which James Purdy of our Feb. Dallas Law Seminar sent me!

Click to see Arena Quarry's Buddy



Law Seminar Prepares GCC Dakotah for 2006 Success!

The week of November 14 saw another South Dakota company prepare itself to meet  the economic challenges of the 2006 market and MSHA's "citation blitz" hovering after the New Year enters.

 Ed Cox, Plant Manager, had sent his HR Manager and Safety Director to The $afepro May  2005 Institute and had Supervisors and Safety committeemen attend the AGCSD- sponsored seminars earlier in the year. He decided that it was time to extend $afe Production knowledge to more of his key Production personnel. This process will turn his Safety Department into an additional Profit Center.


This group of Supervisors, Union Officers and Key Hourly Cement Miners recognized early in the class that MSHA had issued citations to them that did not meet the requirements of The Mine Safety & Health Act of 1977. They broke into "problem solving teams" and began to research the inspectors' illegalities in issuing the actual citations they were examining. They found inconsistencies in references to Standards allegedly violated and disregard of the Law relative to how the enforcement officer must issue citations. 


Tim Storbeck, QC Technician, was the first to find that S&S citations must meet the Case Law Guidelines for an inspector to issue that serious citation.

Following up on Tim's discovery, the class found that the citation they were analyzing was non-S&S and that the the written narrative did not agree with the cited standard. This $2000+ civil penalty citation was bogus! The fine had been paid and the abatement done. There was no longer any legal remedy to withdraw the citation! Though completely invalid, it was now a part of the Company's public record of serious violation of The Act!

        $afepro salutes GCC Dakotah, Inc. for joining the South Dakota Industry's strategy to ensure fair and equitable treatment under The Act. This professional Firm will add profit to  their Company and to their state's  economy and strength to their Industry's effort to receive fair and even enforcement from MSHA.

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50 Years, No Lost Time

Dean Haug, Professional Equipment Operator

Dean is a 73 year old Loader Operator for Michael Johnson Construction in Madison, SD and has worked his career for 50 years without missing a day's work due to on-the-job injury.

His career started in 1955 as a haul truck operator. He now operates a loader in a Michael Johnson Quarry in Madison.

His Company hosted a dinner in his honor and he was presented the Holmes Assoc. Professional Miner Award for his achievement.

Dean lives with his wife, Donna in Madison. They have two children and 4 grandchildren.

Mr. Haug never considered his achievement until his employer, Michael Johnson, began to look into the remarkable career. He holds the record as the South Dakota miner who has gone the longest without a lost-time accident.

Dean is very modest about his record. He said, "I think it is something you can't do by yourself. You have to have good people around you and people to learn from."

Dean Haug (center with Award) with Michael Johnson, Owner (2nd from left), Kathy Archer, Office Manager, George Nadzadi, MSHA Regional EFS Officer and well-wishers.

Dean loading a customer. It's all done right, no spillage, no bashed-in beds!


The Industry and $afepro,inc congratulate

Dean Haug and his family for his distinguished 50 year $afe Production career. By following his example, all of us in this great Industry can contribute fully to to our Trade and provide a good standard of living for our families.



The Irving Materials, Inc. Navy


        Irving Materials, Inc.'s Delta Division continues to set records for the dredging side of the Aggregates Industry. I received an e-mail from Robert L. "Stoney" Stone, Delta Manager, which documents their accomplishments. It proves once again how "Compliance-based $afe Production" coupled with professional experience reduces both injuries and citations. Mr. Stone, Carl "Cap'n. Hook" Blanchard, Delta Plant Manager, and Terry Jones, Safety Director, are graduates of the $afepro MS&H Law Institute.

The IMI Delta Division operates on the Ohio River.

       $afepro and the Industry commend IMI Delta Division and its professional dredging crews for the accomplishments which launched a benchmark for the entire Mining Industry!


"Dear Frank,

To date, we have just made it through the past four consecutive MSHA inspections without issuance of a citation on our Dredge IV and through the past six consecutive MSHA inspections without issuance of a citation on our Dredge III. Coinciding with these terrific accomplishments, the crews of Dredge III have logged well over 12,000 hours without an MSHA reportable injury (since the 4th  quarter of 2003), and the crews of Dredge IV have logged over 30,000 hours without an MSHA reportable injury (since 2nd quarter of 2003). We’re very proud of our supervisory team: Carl Blanchard, Plant Manager; Brian Cowgill, Dredge Foreman; Raymond Owens, Dredge Foreman; Bobby Killius, Dredge Foreman; Ricky Varvel, Port Captain; Kevin Little, Yard Supervisor; and Dewayne Giltner, Port Engineer. We’re also very proud of our crews. Without their daily attention to workplace safety in the harsh environment of river dredging, I would be unable to report such a marvelous account of our collective production effort.

Thank you for creating a format for us and other companies to highlight the excellent results being achieved in safety all across the country.


Stoney "

  (emphasis added by $afepro)

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Oh Happy Day!!!

Sandy Flat has "0 Citations"

Johnny shares his agenda with the October 2004 Institute.

Johnny Clement is one of the best Production Officers in the Industry. He can meet production quotas like no one else you have seen. Johnny finished the May 2005 Institute and carried back a definite agenda to put the Sandy Flat Quarry and Plant on a $afe Production footing. He was determined to do away with citations and injuries. He informed his people that everyday they would produce safely and that it would be that way whether MSHA was there or not! On August 11, they completed a "0 Citation" inspection! Johnny said that it was not by accident. On On Aug. 15, $afepro received the following e-mail:


I wanted to inform you that Hanson’s Sandy Flat Quarry in Taylors, SC finished up a three day, zero citation inspection on Thursday last week.  Johnny Clement, as well as Marc Bloomer (Asst. Plant Manager) and Javier Hernandez (Pit Foreman), should be commended along with the rest of the crew for this accomplishment.  Ryan

Ryan J. Langton

Safety and Health Manager-GA/SC Operations

Hanson Aggregates".

There hasn't been a reportable accident at Sandy Flat Q&P since July 2004!

The Industry and $afepro,inc extend a heartfelt Well Done to Mr. Clement, Mr. Bloomer, Mr. Hernandez and the professional Quarrymen at Hanson's Sandy Flat site. You have proven that safe workplaces and profits go hand in hand and provide good standards of living for your families.

Marc Bloomer will attend the Oct. MS&H Law Institute and Javier Hernandez will attend the Dec. MS&H Law Institute. This knowledge along with their experience will ensure safe profitable incomes for all of Sandy Flat employees.

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Imerys Sylacauga, Alabama Seminar IV

Most Promising $afe Production Officer

Greg Carter, Maintenance Supervisor

 Mr. Carter has over 20 years experience in maintaining mining equipment and machinery. He very quickly understood the relationship between complying with the Law and having his maintenance crew ready and able for each shift's challenges. Greg also was a "quick take" in applying MSHA National Enforcement Policies to the Standards. When repairs are made they will meet the legal requirements and be non-citable because they also will be done to meet or exceed the enforcement policies. Greg is a significant member of this world-class Imerys' production team.

He is married and has two sons. When he is not providing maintenance for his company, he is a Little League Baseball Coach and hunts and fishes with his boys. Quality time with his family is a priority with him.

$afepro congratulates Greg upon being selected by his peers for this honor. His $afe Production knowledge factored into his experience will up his job's contribution to Profit and provide stable jobs for his fellow Quarrymen.


Hanson Aggregates adds another "0 Citation" inspection!

"Good Morning Frank,                                                                   5/8/2005

I needed to drop you a note to inform you that our Thackerville, Oklahoma facility, Plant Manager Brad Carroll and his crew, have just completed their 2nd 0 citation inspection this year.  These employees deserve to be recognized as leaders in the safety field.  As you and I both know, inspections with 0 citations issued do not happen by accident.  Congratulations to Brad and his team, and kudos to you for assisting in this endeavor."

Hershel R. Geeo
Hanson Aggregates Southwest Region
Operations Manager North

The Mining Industry and $afepro appreciate the fine example shown by Brad Carroll and his excellent Quarrymen. They are to be commended for their second "0 Citation" inspection in a row. They are "leaders in the safety field". Each day Thackerville Quarrymen go home to their families ensuring that their spouses and children will enjoy a good quality life.

   Hanson Aggregates continues to be in the $afe Production foreground nationally!

Thank you Hershel for your quality leadership and this fine report.



Spencer Quarries, Inc, Spencer, SD scores a "0 Citation" Inspection!

(E-mail received 7/14/2005 from Dick Waldera, Supt.)

Dick Waldera, Superintendent


What a coincidence I had a MSHA inspection Tuesday followed by a health yesterday. No citations! The coincidental part of it is we had a AGC alliance meeting yesterday afternoon. Guess who wanted to be involved with our meeting? The MSHA Regional Manager. Anne of AGC told him we were not interested in his input. In the 11 years I have been here I do not remember a July inspection.

I had the same inspector as last October when I received 2 dangerous high wall citations which I contested. This inspection nothing was mentioned about dangerous high walls. I have not changed our mining process regarding high walls in this time frame.

Our AGC meeting went really well. We had representation from all three of our congressional representatives in attendance. I really feel our region will be seeing some changes. We had, I believe, 25+ mining facilities represented. In S.D. that is a good % of our industry. Almost everyone in attendance gave a negative MSHA report and most of it was directed towards the Regional Manager.

Talk with you later and have a great day.


     $afepro and The Mining Industry congratulate Dick and his Supervisors and the professional Spencer Quarrymen for maintaining a safe workplace and  their resulting "0 Citation" inspection.




California Contractor's Professional Victory, 2 "0 Citation" Inspections in a Row!



I was looking around on the $afepro web site this afternoon and was looking at the "0 Citation" records that you have in your "Hall of Fame". It truly is amazing to see the number of operations that are doing it right with their citation free inspections and "Putting the Screws" to MSHA. My congratulations to all.

However we seem to have missed some of our industry’s important assets, our contractors. I know from personal experience that MSHA is using a great deal of their time on mining property looking at our contractors. Last February, during a cement plant shut-down, HPC had an MSHA inspection with 350 to 400 contractors on site. The inspection of the mining property lasted nine days. Three of those days were spent looking at eight contractors on site.

While the cement plant had a zero citation inspection (a good showing for a 35 hundred acre facility), so to did three contractors on site, and MSHA wasn’t shy about issuing contractors citations either. Five different contractors were issued a total of 15 citations.

I thought of this after a second shut-down that we had at the Hanson Permanente Cement plant last week when MSHA showed up for the plant’s second annual inspection, a week long inspection that started on Sunday (They do like me RIGHT?). Again this was during a shut-down.  This time we only had 150 contract employees on site, the plant was issued two Non SS citations for house keeping in areas of the plant that were open only because we where shut down, again MSHA took a good long look at the contractors on site.

However one Contractor who had zero citations in the February inspection had their second in a row "0 citation" inspection on HPC property. Frank, your going to love this! The Contractor’s Area Manager, Terry Brewer and his Safety Consultant, Heather Osburn are both graduates of $afepro Institutes.

 If you would post this information in your "Hall of Fame" it would mean a great deal to the Managers at the Hanson Permanente Cement Plant and to me.

My thanks to ARSI Corp, Heather Osburn, Safety Consultant, and to the lessons taught by $afepro for this good accomplishment.


                                                                    Ken Lomax

                                                                    Regional Safety Manager

                                                                    Hanson Aggregates West"


$afepro appreciates Mr. Lomax's report and with the Industry congratulates HPC and the ARSI Corp. for their contributions to safe and secure mining workplaces.


The $afepro MS&H Law Institute is proud to be associated with certified

$afe Production Managers like Mr. Brewer and Ms. Osburn.



Imerys Sylacauga, Alabama Seminar III

Most Promising $afe Production Officer

Lacy Wheeler, Production Supervisor

Mr. Wheeler is a career Imerys, Sylacauga employee. He came to the Industry after his military discharge during the Vietnam era. He served in Navy Aviation aboard the USS Randolph.

Throughout the class, his quiet, analytic approach to Law-based  $afe Production was obvious to both his classmates and the Instructor. Lacy quickly saw a  relationship between safe workplaces and net profit and shared his plans for its utilization with the class with very positive effect.

He is an ordained Baptist minister, strong family man and has an excellent record as Production Supervisor.

$afepro congratulates our "Shipmate" upon being selected by his peers for this honor. Lacy's continued strong leadership  influenced by the principles of  $afe Production will make significant contributions to the Safety Process of this strong production Team!



"0 Citation Inspection" received 5/16/05


I wanted to let you know that the Hanson Habersham Quarry in Demorest, GA completed a zero citation inspection on Thursday last week.  Plant manager Hayworth Lemonds, along with Steve Beaver, Assistant Plant Manager, and Rodney Scott, Foreman, should be commended for this accomplishment.  Steve Beaver had the opportunity to apply the knowledge and experience gained at the Safepro Institute in Savannah almost immediately upon his return to the quarry.  This is a great example of the quality of your institute and the knowledge of the law that our employees take away with them.          



Ryan J. Langton

Safety and Health Manager-GA/SC Operations

Hanson Aggregates Southeast, Inc."

Steve Beaver, Asst. Plant Manager

I learned via phone that Plant Manager, Hayworth Lemonds, was away from the site when the inspection took place. He, Steve Beaver, and Rodney Scott, Foreman, and their fine crew had seen that the " house" was clean as always.

Steve was a Graduate of the May 2-6 Savannah Institute and took charge of the inspection process. He knew the LAW and how to talk with the inspector. Thanks to his expertise and the Crew's seeing to a safe workplace before the production starts on the shift, a "0 Citation" inspection resulted!

$afepro and the Industry congratulate Habersham Quarry's Crew, Management, and Supervision for their professionalism and $afe Production excellence.


Imerys Sylacauga, Alabama Seminar II

Most Promising $afe Production Officer

Harold Meherg, Plant Manager

This Plant Manager was chosen by his May 24-26-05 class for his proven leadership qualities and history. He is in charge of one of the Sylacauga Operations Grinding and Processing Plants. Mr. Meherg's  Plant has met its production commitments with

few injuries. Harold saw the Law-based $afe Production process as the answer to bringing down MSHA citations and their resulting costs. As he said, "we'll keep our house clean and hold the inspectors to our high standard of conduct." As with the rest of his colleagues he believes that if he had had the Law Training twenty years ago his contributions to his company and his fellow quarrymen would have been greater.

Mr. Harold Meherg was a "quick study" as the Law and the National Enforcement Policies unfolded. It became clear to him that the inspectors had no more legal authority to make up the Law and enforcement policies than he did. His plan is to use his people to make their workplace safer and compliant with The ACT, just do the right thing because it is the right thing to do!. Once this is done MSHA will have to meet the same standard in enforcement or have to handle the burden of "formal contestment" for each wrongly or unevenly issued citation. He declares that no longer will he and his quarrymen be the victims of ignorance of the Law and the Nationally Published Enforcement Policy.

In addition to being a strong mining leader, Mr. Meherg is an ordained Christian Minister and carries the full duties of pastoring his Church.

It was a pleasure working with a Manager of Harold's quality. His $afe Production approach will increase company profits and Quarrymen's paychecks.


Imerys Sylacauga, Alabama Seminar I

Most Promising $afe Production Officer

Calvin Cook, Shift Supervisor

Mr. Cook is a career Imerys employee with the Sylacauga operation. His quick grasp of the nuances in the Law were obvious from the beginning of the Seminar training. He is Supervisor of the late shift and very experienced not only in leading miners but also the process involved in producing the calcium carbonate product. He stated that he was honored and surprised to have been selected "Most Promising $afe Production Officer" by his peers. The Managers and Supervisors of the May 17-19 session were convinced of the contribution that Calvin will bring to the company through $afe Production leadership.



Rinker Quarries, SE Division Supervisors Training

It was a great feeling to hear from Donnie Walker, Rinker SE Production Manager, asking $afepro to participate in their Supervisors Leadership Meeting. Mr. Walker has over 20 years in the Industry and has strong $afe Production leadership principles which he is passing along to his Managers and Supervisors. Since his assuming the Division production job, he has reduced overtime with the result of employees having more quality time with their families. Production has increased in fewer hours and his people take home good paychecks. Open communications and "doing the right thing because it's the right thing to do" are foundations of the leadership tools he insists his leaders utilize.

The questions came "hot and heavy" from this group of Supervisors when The Law, MSHA, and Compliance-based $afe Production entered the business mix.

Robert Munoz, Safety Officer (Front, far left) and Dave Venrick, Mobile Equipment Manager (taking the picture) assisted with the meeting. These Rinker "Front-line Supervisors" definitely digested the information and were developing agendas to factor the meeting's information into their daily guidance of their crew's production responsibilities. They spent the afternoon golfing at the beautiful Healy Point Country Club. This social time further emphasized that a good leader must also have outside interests to allow him to fully address his business responsibilities.

It was exciting working with these Rinker Materials professionals.



One of the Great things about the Institute

Anthony Reynolds

Whenever the Institute has met in Savannah, GA, one Doubletree Hotel employee, Anthony Reynolds, has been recognized as exceptional by the attendees. $afepro was notified that the Savannah Tourism Leadership Council has awarded the Star Service Award to Anthony as one of the five outstanding hospitality employees in the city of Savannah.

Anthony is considered by the Institute graduates as an "Honorary Miner". His attention to detail and his ability to make the entire process of the Institute run smoothly have impressed the Miners who were his guests.

 They consider Anthony "one of their own".

Anthony is also the father of  great girls.

Congratulations, Anthony, from the  $afepro Institute!





May 2005 Savannah Institute Chooses Its Best

Billy Quigg

Safety Coordinator

TXI, Bridgeport, Texas

was chosen as

"The Most Promising $afe Production Officer"

by the students in the May 2005 Savannah Institute.


Mr. Quigg is the Safety Officer for TXI's Bridgeport site. He came to mining with 18 years experience as a professional Paramedic. His passion for the wellbeing of the quarrymen he serves was obvious throughout the Institute. When Billy spoke, we all listened.



A Noteworthy American Success Story


     Myrl and Roy's Paving, Inc.'s Sioux Falls, SD Wash Plant "One Man Show", Marty Kockx with his company's Safety Appreciation Award for his "0 Citation" MSHA inspection. Marty was also taken to lunch by his firm.

     There is a lot of media attention given to our large Road Material firms. Sometimes it is  forgotten that the backbone of our Industry is the smaller producer with fewer employees who mostly serve their local markets. These smaller companies have the same problems with compliance, injuries, predictable production, etc. as the giant firms do. Yet they do not have the extensive Safety Departments which the bigger companies enjoy. The heartening point is that they succeed with the commitment and support of their total workforces. Myrl and Roy's Paving, Inc. in Sioux Falls, SD is a shining example of one of those successful smaller firms. To quote Melisa Lukins, their HR/Safety Officer, " We do it from beginning to end". At the peak of their season there are approximately 170 employees in the aggregates, batch, and paving operations. One of those committed employees is Marty Kockx, who is in charge of their Sioux Falls Wash Plant. Though he has occasional helpers, according to the company he is a "one man show".

     On April 14 Marty's Wash Plant had a "0 Citation" MSHA Inspection! 

     Ms. Lukins, HR/Safety Officer, attended the $afepro Law Seminar sponsored by the South Dakota AGC in February and began training in the process of Law-based $afe Production. Marty and his Wash Plant's compliance are proof of Myrl and Roy's Paving's quick "return on investment". This Miner's commitment to excellence is a shining example for our Industry's employees to emulate. Doing the safety and production portions of the job equally well means higher profits for the company and better standard of living for every family within the organization.

     The Industry and $afepro congratulate Mr. Kockx and Myrl and Roy's Paving for this professional accomplishment.




Ardmore Plant Makes 3 in a Row

John Atkinson, Hanson Ft. Wayne IN's Ardmore Plant, reports Ardmore's 3rd "0 Citation Inspection" in a row. As John's e-mail report tells, "This time with a twist".


MSHA has a new twist. Last Tuesday 4/12/05 the inspector showed up at 7PM to start his inspection. Of course the Ardmore team was prepared and no citations were issued. This makes three in a row, training is a must. Thanks for your help.

John Atkinson

Hanson Aggregates

Ardmore Plant"

      Congratulations Ardmore Crew, it would be hard to find a crew as well-trained in all aspects of the job as you are. You continue to prove to the Industry that safe jobs are the basis for high profits and a good standard of living for Quarrymen's families!

John and Nick Morris, NL&S were selected as " Most Promising $afe Production Officers" in the May 2004 $afepro Institute.





This e-mail was just received! (April 15, 2005)

"Mr. Adkins…….

I would like to add ANOTHER operation to this list.  Our Thackerville Operation in Oklahoma completed a “0” citation inspection on April 13, 2005 as well.  Brad Carroll is the new Plant Manager at this location, and will be attending your session very soon.

This task was accomplished by B.J. Hile, Plant Superintendent, and his crew.  This is a 1st “0” citation inspection for this facility.  JOB WELL DONE!

Hershel R. Geeo
Hanson Aggregates Southwest Region
Operations Manager North"

The Industry and  $afepro thank the Thackerville, OK site for this splendid accomplishment. You are to be congratulated for setting this high mark for our trade!




The Successes Keep Coming!

This e-mail just arrived from California.


While we are heralding our respective successes, I must add one more operation to the Hall of FAME that you are creating.  Our Otay Quarry, in San Diego County has undergone their 4th inspection in a row without being issued a citation from MSHA.  Almost all of the crew out there has been through your training and the benefits are obvious and in some cases, immediate.  A very big “Congrats” goes out to Bill Romero, Les Stark, Gary McCall and the rest of the miners at our Otay Quarry for this ongoing accomplishment.  It takes work, dedication, training and commitment to reach and maintain these goals – thanks for being a part of it.


Terry L. Tyson

Regional Director of Safety

Hanson Aggregates West – Southern California Region"

 The Industry and  $afepro take their hats off to the Otay Quarry. It has been a pleasure to work with these Quarrymen over the years. It is never a surprise to hear the excellent reports that come from the Southern California Region. They are leaders when it comes to profit, service and safety.

4 in a row, Otay Quarry is definitely an "A" Team!


Hanson Central California Success

E-mail just received 04/21/2005


This week the Santa Margarita plan was inspected by MSHA. The inspector was on the property for three days auditing the entire facility, performed noise and dust sampling and audited the employees work habits. This three day inspection resulted in ZERO citations. 

Please join me in congratulating the plant manager “Andy Geremia” and the hard working Safe Production Team at Hanson’s Santa Margarita Plant in there third in a row ZERO citation MSHA inspection. Special note this plant hasn’t received an SS citation since the early 1980’s

The plant will be having a BBQ on 4/29/2005 to show appreciation to this team, all are welcome to join.

My Thanks To: Andy Geremia, Ken Fieguth, Mike Aguiar, Brian Duveneck, Mike Gentile, Rick Hiatt, Don Kalin, Ken Olson, Karl Stoltz, Chris Mintey, James Pierce, Robert Thompson, James Domenghini, Jason Boller, and Ken Stikes

Ken Lomax,  Regional Safety Manager"

It could not be said better! You continue to number among Hanson's best.   

  The Industry and $afepro salute your professionalism! 




Callanan's Pattersonville, NY Q&P- 2nd "0 Citation" Inspection in a Row

Just received 4-28-05 from their Safety Officer!


Our Pattersonville quarry completed their 2nd zero citation inspection!  They are already talking about making it 3 in a row.  I can’t say enough about John Christiano, John Dygert, Randy Elmendorf, James Johnson, Tomas Michalek, Roger Newkirk, John Pickering, David Warner, Robert Williams, Dennis Wilson, Allyn Hyde, Charleen Oboyski, and the boss Richard Douglas!"

Cory Danner

Materials Safety

Callanan Industries

$afepro and the Industry congratulate Richard Douglas and his Patterson Crew for this accomplishment. Callanan Industries continues to set high goals for Safety achievement under the leadership of its president, Ciaran Brennan and his top-notch $afe Production Team.

We are confident Pattersonville Crew will see # 3!!!!!!!!




If you wonder how well  keeping a safe workplace and knowing the LAW works? Here is the March 23 report from National Lime and Stone Co. They are into their second year of Compliance-based $afe Production. The "0 Citation" inspections are accompanied by decreased accidents and workman comp. costs, increased productivity and better profits. Managers and Supervisors insist on a "hazard free workplace" at the beginning of each shift.

NL&S continues to set performance "Benchmarks"!!!!



LIMA PLANT          JANUARY 13, 2004

 FINDLAY PLANT         APRIL 22, 2004

 LIMA PLANT            JULY 7, 2004

 UPPER SANDUSKY       NOV. 8, 2004




(think about it!)




More Success

National Lime & Stone Company's Buckland Plant also had a "0 Citation" inspection this week. Shawn Place, Superintendent, and his people have utilized what this Superintendent mastered at the High Point, NC 2005  $afepro Institute.

Everybody goes home safe and profits continue to grow because of this Buckland crew's professionalism.

National Lime & Stone continues to set yardsticks by which our Industry must measure itself.

The Industry and $afepro give a much-earned "WELL DONE!" to Superintendent Chase, the Buckland Crew and NL&S.



   $afepro sends congratulation$ to Danny Thomas, Plant Manager, Hanson's Fayette County, GA site and his professional crew! They completed a "0 Citation"  MSHA inspection on April 13.

    Their work habits ensure that "all hands" are ready for all scheduled work each shift and this translates into predictably meeting all production schedules and creating lower costs. The final results are that Profit increases and each Quarryman's family enjoys a good standard of living.

    Danny's Foreman, David Turner, significantly contributed to this accomplishment through his admirable first-line leadership and example.

     Mr. Thomas is a $afepro Institute graduate and proves the good business results when leading through experience and knowledge! By his on-site training in the LAW he ensures that his crew has the information that lets them meet Hanson's business commitments and consistently take home good paychecks.

    The Industry and $afepro extend heartiest thanks for the fine example set by the Hanson Fayette County, GA Quarrymen!




Hanson Gainesville, GA site achieves  "0 Citation" inspection

An e-mail from Ryan Langton, Safety Officer for Hanson, GA reported that Jerry Fields, Plant Manager and his crew of the Gainesville Quarry & Plant  finished a "0 Citation" inspection on February 8. This Aggregates site is producing profitably and sending everyone home safe at the end of each day. They take the few minutes at the beginning of each shift to make each workplace safe and then begin their production. This means predictable production and no interruptions caused by injuries.  

$afepro congratulates Jerry and his fine crew for their professionalism.

There is a good business reason for making the task safe before doing it!



A Grand Holiday Gift


 This is going to the website at 8:30 PM from the Atlanta, GA Airport. After coming from San Diego, I missed my connection because of weather and will not go out until 10:30.

When I checked my phone messages from my office,  I had to immediately share the good news with you. There were two more “0” citation MSHA Inspections in the SE this week.


 "Hanson Aggregates Quarry and Plant at McConnells, SC had a clean inspection. T.C. Garvin, Plant Manager graduated from the Savannah Institute in October this year. When he took the knowledge of the Law back and shared it with the experienced Crew. The result was a “0” citation Inspection.  A “Well Done” from $afepro and the Industry to T.C. and the fine McConnells Quarrymen!"


 "From Hanson’s Princeton, NC Quarry comes the report of a thorough 3 day MSHA Inspection resulting in “0” citations. Jesse Bissell, Plant Manager has had a reputation of excellence in the Aggregates Industry for many years. Princeton has been a multiple winner of Hanson Aggregates prestigious “President’s Trophy”. This “0” citation Inspection, the site’s very low accident record over the years, and the consistent profit produced attest to the professionalism practiced by Mr. Bissell and his top-notch experienced Quarrymen each workday. $afepro and the Industry congratulate Princeton Quarry for its inspiring accomplishments. This is not their first “0” citation inspection and with certainty, it will not be the last!"


Four in a row and just in time for the Holidays!!!!

Tony Lamm, Plant Manager, and his Hanson Elliott Sand and Gravel team just completed another "0" citation MSHA inspection!

This was their 4th "0" Citation Inspection in a row!!

Congratulations to Tony and his professional Quarrymen for this accomplishment.

Elliott Sand & Gravel has proven the worth of Law-based  $afe Production.


Dean Harshman, Hanson's Ohio Safety Officer has just sent $afepro the word that Billy Kurtz, Plant Manager of the Sylvania site, and his Quarrymen have completed their 7th "0" Citation Inspection!

A "WELL DONE" from $afepro to this exceptional Crew!

There will be a feature on this website about this extraordinary site early in 2005.


The Grand Holiday Gifts keep on coming!

Today the news came from Hanson Aggregates AZ that Wickenburg Sand and Gravel, Ron Carruthers, Supt. had a "0" Citation Inspection this week.

other Hanson AZ sites this year:

Queen Creek S&G, Adam Mason, Supt.

River Ranch S&G, Jim Shroeder, Supt.

Hassayampa S&G, Guy Cummings, Supt.

A “Well Done” from $afepro and the Industry to these Managers and the excellent Arizona Quarrymen!"

Inspections like these means that  Mining Families have a wonderful Holiday!!!

 Brian Wheeler, VP of Production, sent this message to all NL&S Managers and supervisors on 11/19/2004 and copied $afepro, inc.




Thank you NL&S for setting benchmarks for the Industry.

$afepro, inc.


When The Mining Industry Complies With The LAW, MSHA Must Too!

These are the AGCSD Production firm Managers and Supervisors who made it their business to receive fair and equitable treatment under THE ACT.

It all started when the South Dakota Industry attended an AGCSD-sponsored Feb. 21-25 $afepro, inc. MS&H Law Seminar held in Rapid City, SD. During this class they learned the origins, legal requirements, and enforcement policies relative to the 1977 Mine Safety Act.

As the class progressed through the week they became aware that though they were complying with the legal requirements and nationally-published enforcement policy, their inspectors were not! The firms returned to their sites and proceeded to make certain that their workplaces were safe and in compliance with the ACT. They continued to be threatened with and receive citations which did not meet the requirements of the LAW and enforcement policy. 

The next step was Formal Contestment of the questionable citations. It became obvious that the problem was uneven enforcement on the part of the Regional and District MSHA offices. This was obvious as "bad" citations were overturned or withdrawn under the right granted them in Sec. 105 of The ACT. Their Inspectors, however, continued their bullying tactics.

Finally, after receiving no relief from the Agency, they met with their Congressional representatives and staffs on July 11, 2005. 25+ SD Mining firms attended.

The week of July 18, 2005 the Regional Supervisory Inspector, Rapid City office was reassigned and the District Manager will retire.

The Mine Safety and Health of 1977 applies equally to both the Production and Enforcement elements of this economically vital American Industry. If a Producer is not receiving equitable enforcement then the Agency is out of compliance. Courting Inspectors does not result in either favors or special treatment. They are not the Industry's "Safety Consultants"! They are enforcement officers whose product is Citations and the costs of abating their personal agendas as reflected in citations which have no legal basis.

MSHA inspectors and their managers have no authority to fabricate Law. Constitutionally, only the Congress of the United States may formulate Law and Regulations.

The South Dakota Mining Industry is to be commended for insisting on their right to constitutionally continue its economically vital endeavor.


Click here to enroll in the December MS&H Law Institute.