Dear Frank,

"According to an MSHA inspector, if you use bleach to clean a counter, or to clean a refrigerator, you can no longer store food there under the MSHA standard.

As per 56.20014: Any area exposed to a toxic material (bleach now) cannot be used to store or consume food.


A citation was issued:

Section: 56/57.20014
Date: 11/23/2010
Negligence: Moderate
Injury or Illness: Unlikely
Injury or illness could be expected to be: Permanantly Disabling
Significant and Substantial: No

Dear M/N Officer,
Thank you for your email. I agree that this is “ridiculous” and a waste of enforcement resources, both time and money!
1. Did you ask to see MSHA’S toxic material list?
2. Did you ask to see any PIB, PIL, or Policy statement declaring that “Clorox” could not be used to sanitize eating surfaces?
3. Did you acquaint the inspector with PROCEDURE INSTRUCTION LETTER # I10-V-17? This bulletin informs inspectors and their bosses not to make this irrational and unreasonable stretch to write nonsensical citation.
4. Remember, “The Sec. of Labor must prove!” There is Constitutional and Case Law guarantee of this.
5. I hope you “formally contested” this stupid citation. $afepro$afepro