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Mine Safety & Health Institute

The $afepro, inc. Mine Safety and Health Institute continues to be a valuable tool for companies to bring down accidents and to comply with the Law. The Institute cost is 1500.00 and includes Law Manuals.


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Institute Curriculum








        This course will cover all of the Federal mine safety laws and emphasize the training requirements of the ACT. Successful completion of the course will result in MSHA Part 46 instructor competence. This combination will allow your Managers, Supervisors, Safety officers to meet the inspectors on equal terms and reduce both citations and accidents. The $afepro Mine Safety and Health Law Manual Vol. X will be furnished to all students.

        Industry-active certified instructors and I will teach the Institute courses. The cost of the course is 1500.00.

                                          Yours for $afe Production,

                                           Dean Beam



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