LAW & Enforcement Policy on Rollers and Idlers

The 30 CFR Guarding Standard:

30 CFR 56.14107

Moving machine parts.

(a) Moving machine parts shall be guarded to protect persons from contacting gears, sprockets, chains, drive, head, tail, and takeup pulleys, flywheels, couplings, shafts, fan blades, and similar moving parts that can cause injury.

(b) Guards shall not be required where the exposed moving parts are at least seven feet away from walking or working surfaces.

The Nationally Published MSHA Enforcement Policy VOL IV:

56/57.14107 Moving Machine Parts
All moving parts identified under this standard are to be guarded with adequately constructed, installed and maintained guards to provide the required protection. The use of chains to rail off walkways and travelways near moving machine parts, with or without the posting of warning signs in lieu of guards, is not in compliance with this standard.

Conveyor belt rollers are not to be construed as "similar exposed moving machine parts" under the standard and cannot be cited for the absence of guards and violation of this standard where skirt boards exist along the belt. However, inspectors should recognize the accident potential, bring the hazard to the attention of the mine operators, and recommend appropriate safeguards to prevent injuries.

This standard is to be cited when a guard at conveyor locations does not extend a distance sufficient to prevent any parts of a person from accidentally getting behind the guard and becoming caught, or in those instances when there is no guard at the conveyor-drive, conveyor-head, conveyor-tail, or conveyor take-up pulleys.