ORICA EXPLOSIVES USA has a goal to provide both best product and the best service in the Industry. This will result in the best dollar value for their Mine and Quarry Clients. In establishing a business culture that would provide excellent service to its customers, they determined that their corporate and field managers (pictured above) would need a thorough knowledge of The 1977 Mine Safety & Health Act. Orica committed a week of intense study of that Law in their first $afepro Law Seminar.

            Throughout the week, the knowledge of the legislation melded with the experience and expertise of the Manager resulting in Orica Policies which will offer their customers products such as their new I-KON electronic detonator and service which will make the essential blasting procedures more efficient and cost effective.

$afe Production Commitment

Rodney Marchand, VP, Orica USA, Inc.
Doug Maggard, Orica Safety Officer

Providing the Law information on which the $afe Production process bases is the easy part. The difficult part is to find management to develop the company policies which administer it. Orica has it in both the production and safety areas. Doug Maggard attended the $afepro Mine Safety and Health Institute as Rodney Marchand was putting together the blueprint for a world-class business culture. It was obvious to them both that the key was maintenance of both the equipment and the people. Safety training is maintenance for the people.

            Rodney and Doug arranged for their corporate and field managers to attend an Orica-sponsored Law Seminar in Charlotte, NC. At the end of the week, the managers had the information that reinforced the policies they had developed to meet their goal of being world-class in their segment of the Industry. Instead of the Law being a burden on their heavily-regulated business, it became another tool by which to increase net profit. They will be prepared to provide services and product to the materials producing side of the Industry without the compliance “hassle” that most production operators have to endure with other explosives contractors.

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