The Quarterly Report area being cited is failure to report hours up through the last day of the quarter (some Operators are reporting up to the quarter's last pay-period). 30CFR, Part 50 defines: Calendar Quarter: First quarter is January, February, and March. Second quarter is April, May, and June. Third quarter is July, August, and September. Fourth quarter is October, November, and December. The report must be submitted within 15 days after the last day of the quarter or it is citable. Also check the MSHA Policy Manual Vol.III under Part 50 for any recent Policy changes.

Reporting Policy is not made at the field office level and the inspector's insisting that his boss at the field office wants it done a different way from what appears on the form or in the Policy Manual is not grounds for a citation! You may "Formally Contest" paperwork citations as well as "Safety" citations!

MSHA Policy Manual Vol.III