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Commonly Asked Questions

Question: Are the trainers at Safepro part 46 and 48 instructors.


Answer: Yes


Question: Does my company have to have a part 46 or 48 training plan.

Answer: Yes, No training can be done unless your company has a Part 46 or Part 48 Training Plan.

Part 48 has to have an approval letter stating that MSHA accept your training plan.


Question: Can I pick and choose the subjects.

Answer: Yes, as long as you follow your training plan. The subjects must be as close as possible to what the employees’ jobs are on the mine site.


Question:  Does SafproInc have to be added to my competent persons list?


Answer: Yes, anyone who does training must the added to the list.

Question:  Does someone have to observe the employees as they take the training?


Answer:  A competent person must be in the area for part 46 to observe the employees taking the training. He or she doesn’t have to be in the room the whole time but must be available to check in or to answer any questions the employees might have.

For part 48, it must be MSHA certified instructor.

Question:  Can I do my training at intervals or all at one time.


Answer:  Yes, it is your training classes. You can do the training whenever and however you want as long as the 8 hrs. is completed by the end of the month of your last 8 hrs.


Question:   How many PPTs will it take to get the full 8 hrs. of training?


Answer:  Depends on the PPTs you choose. Safepro PPTs range in times from 20 Minutes to 1.5 hours. First Aid would be the shortest PPTS with Prevention of accidents having the longest PPTS.


Question:  Will New Miner have the First 4 to 8 hours training?


Answer:  Yes: The first 7 subjects are set up for an 8-hour course. If a company uses all the PPTs under the 1st 7 subjects, they will have 8 hrs. and 10 minutes of training.

Question:  How will the training be documented?


Answer:  Safepro has all the paperwork you need. There will be part 46.5 NM record, 46.8 Refresher record, Sign in Sheets, Training Registrations (etc.).  Part 48 will require a 5000-23 to be completed

Question:   Will the company be able to contact Safepro with any questions we might have?


Answer:  Yes, by email or Phone. Safepro will be available to all companies.


Question: Does Safpro do First Aid training?


Answer:  Yes, but we feel that First Aid needs to be done in person. Even though we have First Aid PPTs the class that would fulfill 56.18010 should be done in person. The training would be done under the National Safety Councils rules.


Question:   Does Safpro do other types of work for the mining industry?


Answer:  Yes, we do consultations, Inspections of mines and contractors, law schools etc.

Question: Does Safepro sign off on training done?


Answer: No, the person responsible for health and safety training on your companies’ part 46 or 48 training plan signs off on all training.

Question:  If I purchase classes do I have control?


Answer:  Yes, we have more content than is required so you may pick and choose the classes you want and stop and start any time. You may also add breakout sessions if you would like.


Question:   Can I use my own paperwork?


Answer:  Yes, you may use your paperwork, or we provide paperwork you can print out if you would like.

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