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1 - Full Site audit identifying and prioritizing  hazards

 2 - LAW-trained Personnel on site each shift

3 - Require Employees and Supervisors to remove workplace hazards at the beginning of each shift

4 - Review each citation based on legality and the experience of the Production People affected by the citation

5 - Formally Contest citations with which you do not agree!

    $afepro can arrange for an Audit Team to visit your Sites. The Audit Team will identify hazards which can injure your people and/or result in costly citations The Team also prioritizes repairs based on immediacy and seriousness. A full printed report is given to the Site for use in future Safety maintenance.

     $afepro has MS&H LAW Institutes three times a year.  This training equips your employees to determine which citations are legitimate and which are "made-up" by the inspector.

     $afepro conducts 2-5 day LAW seminars, at the location of the Host Firm's choice, training Managers, Supervisors, and Key Hourly People in the necessary skills needed to realistically deal with MSHA and its inspectors.

Plan to Avoid Citations

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