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June 2019 Institute

Workplace safety law consists of federal and state regulations imposed on businesses in an effort to keep employees safe from harm. These rules apply to all mining sector employers. Standards are in place to reduce the risk of accidents and illnesses in the workplace, and government agents have authority to investigate and issue citations for noncompliance. Offenders are subject to monetary fines, and in some cases, imprisonment and other criminal penalties. There are plenty of good reasons why any business would want to maintain a safe workplace. Other than the basic human desire to avoid pain and suffering, workplace accidents can destroy your business!

Some of the high monetary costs attached to workplace accidents include:

the inability to meet your obligations to customers

  • wages paid to sick and disabled workers

  • wages paid to substitute employees

  • damaged equipment repair costs

  • insurance claims

  • workers' compensation claims

  • fines from MSHA

  • abatement cost

  • legal cost in employee defense

Understanding the laws and regulations that govern the mining industry are vital to managing your compliance and safety programs. $afepro covers the 1977 Act as amended by 2006 mine act in detail along with 30 CFR and program policies which give guidance to how the laws and regulations are to be enforced. The $afepro Institute’s June 17 thru 20, 2019 information will help you avoid bad citations and the knowledge to comply with the law. This is a must class for anyone new to mining industry and MSHA, along with your key people. Employees attending will add value to themselves and your company.

Spouses are welcome if your company allows you to bring them. Shopping in Savannah is considered excellent. Malls and quaint shoppes are within easy walking distance from the hotel. Walking and riding tours of the city can be arranged during the week you are here. If you have any questions or wish to register, just contact us at We want you to have a good time as well as a good learning experience. I look forward to seeing you Savannah Ga.

Yours in $afe production,


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